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How we'll move from mayhem to manageable
Simply Consulting Visit

What to Expect: 

60-minute in-home visit

No Judgment. Please leave your spaces as they normally are; glorious messes and all. It is helpful for me to see how your spaces are used daily. Life happens, and I believe there should be nothing embarrassing about real-life messes.

We will start by taking a tour through most of the spaces in your home.  I’ll ask some questions about what’s currently working and what your biggest challenges are. We’ll discuss your hopes and dreams for your spaces, and define a few of the obstacles standing in the way. We will discuss what spaces you might like to start organizing, and then you can decide to schedule one or more 3-hour Inspired Organizing Sessions to get started.

Simply Consulting Visit
Inspired Organizing

What to Expect:

3-hour in-home session

We will start the session clarifying your goals for the space we are organizing together. (It’s okay if you don’t quite know yet, that’s what I can help with, too!) We will use a method of sorting and processing the categories of things currently in the space, and I will ask questions to help determine if and how those items meet your goals. My job is to guide “how” we go through things, so you can use your energy to focus on decisions about your goals, and what will stay in the space.

Once we’ve identified the things that will stay in the space, we will problem-solve the type of storage/system solutions that will work. (We always start with what you currently have; usually just a bit of tweaking will make a big difference!) Depending on the size/scope of the space, more than one session may be needed to “complete” a space. There is never any obligation to purchase more sessions, but I do offer discounts on packages of multiple sessions. My job is to help you meet your goals, so that your family can thrive in your spaces!

Sessions may look different than what I’ve described above, depending on your needs, but it is a good general idea of my organizing process.

Simply Consulting Visit
Virtual Consultation

What to Expect:

Virtual Organizing Intake (20 minutes – Zoom)

We’ll review my virtual procedures and expectations to make sure virtual organizing is a good fit for your project and goals, and discuss the technology and logistics to prepare for a virtual organizing session.

Virtual Organizing Session + Support (60 minutes- Zoom + 20 minutes- Zoom)

We’ll set a goal, define the scope, create a plan, set first steps, and get the ball rolling together. A detailed Action Plan with task accountability will then be delivered via printable document or Trello board. Multiple sessions can be scheduled for more time together on a project.

Includes a 20-minute Zoom support session within 1 week.

Simply Consulting Visit
Virtual Consultation

Coming Soon:

Simply Inspired Photo Organizing

This 1 hour Action Planning session will outline the nitty gritty steps toward accomplishing your goal; including making a plan for accountability, choosing your desired level of professional support, and planning next steps.


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